March 3, 2019

Brides to be! Do you want beautiful pre-wedding photos?-Killingsworth Photography

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 Brides to be! Do you want beautiful pre-wedding photos?

Getting ready wedding pictures are one of the most precious moments to married couples. These images document the excitement and anticipation before committing your life to someone. It is also a time spent with loved ones that are supporting you through the big day.

While authenticity and spontaneity are important factors of these images, there are things you can do to get the most beautiful shots possible that you will cherish for a lifetime. Below, I have included six wedding getting ready tips to ensure we capture the significant moment beautifully.


 The location is key to getting the perfect images for you. While I can capture beautiful images from anywhere, if you want that wow factor you will want to use a room at your venue, the bridal suite, or even book a room a nice hotel or somewhere else that is super special for amazing getting ready shots. You also want a location that reflects your vision and aesthetic for the day. If your wedding is more on the formal side your ‘getting ready’ location should reflect that and on the other hand, if your wedding is a casual one you can get away with getting ready at home. Lighting and space are other important factors to consider when choosing the location, you want a spacious room with lots of light.

Clean room

Things can get messy when you are getting ready so making sure the room is clean will save valuable time and ensure shots aren’t ruined by clutter.

Gather details

Make sure that all the details you want to be captured are ready to go. Some important things to bring together are your invitations (Preferably 2 to get a shot of the front and back), rings, veil, shoes, wedding gown, perfume, jewelry, flowers, and any other details that you want to be captured on your big day. You spend so much time and thought into all these details, you want to remember them.


Leave enough time to capture all the images you want. Important things to consider are time spent going from the groom to the bride’s room, and making sure your dress is on before I leave to the reception.

Communicate your vision with me

If you have ideas of shots you would like to take, let me know in advance. Some brides don’t want any pictures of them with no makeup on or want specific pictures taken.

Enjoy the moment

This is a once in a lifetime moment that you will cherish forever. Part of what makes these images so special are the emotions of the moment so relax, and enjoy yourself.

Please contact us if you would like to capture timeless, beautiful images of your big day.

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