September 25, 2018

Seven 4 one Hotel-Killingsworth Photography

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Seven 4 one Hotel Wedding Venue-Killingsworth Photography

laguna Beach, California

Jason and Jennifer



The Bloom of Time

Vanity Belle

Brendan / Vox DJ’s

Evangelines’ Oven


A wedding is one of the finest moments in one’s life and what goes or happens prior to a wedding is really interesting. Here we share a story about how Jason and Jennifer, one of the most endearing couples we have ever come across.

Jason was working in the Disney furniture warehouse and Jennifer was a waitress at Joe’s cafe. They met each other on Facebook and could connect easily through a mutual friend. After chatting on Facebook for over a month and a half, the two met at her bar.
We found Jason’s proposal to Jennifer exciting. They went to Big Bear with family and kids for the weekend where Jason tried several times to propose to her. Finally, when they were about to leave, and we loved this, Jason saw Jennifer approaching and he dropped down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked her if she would be his partner for life. Jennifer was more than glad to accept.

Jennifer’s mom had stage 4 cancer, so the couple moved their wedding date sooner. It was a touching moment for us, Jennifer’s mother was so happy for her and we have captured some nice moments that the mother-daughter duo is sharing, these pictures will be cherished by the family for years down the line. Right from the wedding venue, food, and the couple’s attire, everything went smooth and perfect. Both the families were glad and in high spirits.
We are fortunate for having worked with this couple, capturing their wedding moments was indeed a heartening experience.

Wedding at the 741 hotel in Lauguna beach CA


















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