August 24, 2018

The Pavillion Carle Bright Arboretum Woodway Texas-Killingsworth Photography

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The Pavillion Carle Bright Arboretum Woodway Texas-Killingsworth Photography

Derrick and Allyson


Derrick and Allyson’s journey began with a few clicks. In early 2016, a wary Allyson was on Christian Mingle contemplating deleting her account. She wasn’t sure an online relationship had the staying power she was looking for.

And then she saw Derrick’s profile.

Taking a chance, she sent him a pre-made message of introduction. To her surprise, his response was quick! After a few weeks of messaging, Derrick asked her out for bowling and dinner. Though both had the jitters, Derrick was the perfect gentleman. The conversation flowed well, and by the end of the first date, they had plans for a second one.

Question time! 

Their first year anniversary found Allyson and Derrick in Waco. After a Sunday morning breakfast, they took a walk through Cameron Park to “waste time” before their afternoon reservations. They eventually found their way down nature trails that led them to a lookout gazebo snug between the trees. After looking at the names carved into the wooden railings, they decided to add their own. When Allyson finished her carving, she turned around.

Derrick was on his knee with a question. (Can you guess what that question was?)

Following the proposal, they went to their reservation. Allyson’s second surprise? Both of their families had gathered to help them celebrate. Talk about mingling.

Derrick and Allyson where married on March 4th, 2018 at the lovely The Pavillion at the Carle Bright Arboretum

In Woodway, texas













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