August 23, 2018

Our Newhall Mansion wedding was “b’shert.”- Kevin and Lindsey Wedding-Killingsworth Photography

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Newhall Mansion-Killingsworth Photography

Kevin and Lindsey

Our Newhall Mansion wedding was “B’shert.”

Tired of the cold, unpredictable weather of Seattle, Kevin Ellyson packed his bags, kissed his family adieu and pointed his car south towards warmer, sunnier Los Angeles. Kevin knew he was headed for adventure but little did he know it was to be one of the greatest of his lifetime. That was 2014. Though many in Los Angeles admittedly live in La-La Land, native daughter Lindsey Gordon, could not be farther from that imagery. While in the midst of studying for her doctorate in clinical psychology and working full-time, Lindsey added online dating to her very full plate.

The magical bathroom stall

One rather disastrous first-and-last date with yet another ‘Mr. Wrong’ drove Lindsey to seek solace in the Ladies’ Room. There, in a stall, where some do their most inspired thinking, Lindsey texted a man she’d briefly chatted with the night before. That message lead to an escape plan, which led to a rendezvous the same night, which lead to another date, which led to a cascade of enchanting moments. As each encounter became more and more magical, Lindsey came to realize she hadn’t used her cell phone in the Ladies’ Room since she’d been dating him. That man was Kevin Ellyson.

Chocolate Calligraphy

Along the way to discovering their singularity, Lindsey and Kevin discovered their oneness. Trust and respect were woven into the fabric of their relationship, sewn with an abundance of humor. Their individual goals became shared goals with a passion for family and adoration for children. Lindsey stepped seamlessly into stepmotherhood to Kevin’s son Christian, a nurturing role that was hers to fill. And Christian knows he is loved. Kevin’s now-legendary chocolate calligraphy “Will You Marry Me” on a plate next to Lindsey’s wedding ring is the stuff of storybook-love made real.

Lindsey’s “Yes!” took no practice; it flowed like all feelings that are simply right. Some things are “b’shert”, meant to be. Kevin and Lindsey could not have predicted that the adventure of their lifetimes would have begun with Kevin seeking sunshine or with Lindsey seeking as a plan hatched in a bathroom stall! But their future together is carried by the momentum of those deeply in love, buoyed by family and friends who adore them, as they look forward to creating many Plan B’s to come.







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