January 3, 2018

McCormick Home Ranch Wedding – Killingsworth Photography

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McCormick Home Ranch Wedding Venue-Killingsworth Photography

Niko and Kathleen


 Niko and Kathleen met in nursing school in the fall of 2010. Although they had classes together, they didn’t get together until their fourth semester, when they found themselves in the same bar-hopping group. They started talking, then dating, and then Niko began joining Kathleen’s family on their annual trip to the High Sierras. He first said that he loved her by a waterfall. They hiked to the same spot with Kathleen’s extended family during a later family camping trip. Nico tricked Kathleen into thinking they were just taking pictures over the waterfall like they always did, but instead he produced a ring and asked her to make him the happiest man in the world by marrying him.

As befitting two nature lovers, the bride and groom chose the McCormick Home Ranch in Camarillo, California as their outdoor wedding venue. Certainly, the views and gardens were a wedding photographer’s dream backdrop.

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