January 3, 2018

First Congregational Church Wedding – Killingsworth Photography

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First Congregational Church Wedding-Killingsworth Photography

Paul and Katelin


Paul, a deputy sheriff for Los Angeles County, and Katelin, a customer service specialist with Spectrum, met in 2006 when they were lab partners in college. Apparently, the chemistry between the two was not limited to test tubes, and the two bonded. Paul proposed while they were in the Virgin Islands on vacation. He arranged a beautiful dinner on the beach at their hotel, creating the perfect moment to pop the question.

The couple’s wedding venue was the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. The bride and groom designed a ceremony that honored several generations of their families coming together as one. Their grandmothers lit unity candles near photos of beloved relatives who have passed. The bride had charms from her grandfather and mother-in-law on her bouquet. Her mother helped her with her wedding dress and shoes.  Paul and Katelin then took their wedding party and the guest to the Taglayn Complex where they danced the night away. With all the family love and support, the only other thing the bride and groom needed for a perfect wedding was an In ‘n Out burger truck for a midnight snack.
























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