August 24, 2017

L.A. Arboretum Engagement-Killingsworth Photography

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L.A. Arboretum Engagement

Alex and Sarah


Come for what you love.
Stay for what you discover.

Think that the digital age is driving people apart? Alex and Sarah disagree. Their engagement has its roots in the most unlikely of places: Tumblr.

In her freshman year abroad in London, Sarah posted on her Tumblr asking locals for some advice to get to a convention for the tv show Supernatural. One friendly response later and she had herself a group of friends to spend the convention weekend with. Through her new friend, she met the Scottish “Captain”. Turns out that was a nickname people donned for conventions like this one. His real name?


The two spent their weekend getting to know each other and bonding. After they separated – Sarah to London, Alex to Edinburgh – they kept in touch via Tumblr and, eventually, video chats. In May, Sarah returned to the US, leading the pair to the decision to remain simply friends in spite of their romantic feelings. As the two continued to Skype, they kept those feelings on the back-burner, trying to keep in mind that long-distance relationships were doomed to fail.

And then March 2015 came. With it came Alex on a visit to NYC. It was a trip that made all the difference. They agreed to give a long distance relationship a shot.

Proposal time 

That same year, the couple planned for a Christmas spent with Sarah and her family in California. For Sarah, this was an opportunity for Alex to meet her parents, as she’d already met his. For Alex, it was something a little more.

He began by showing her one of her presents – a little puzzle box called a Cryptex. He planned on giving it to her on Christmas day. He’d also give her the first clue for the password needed to open the box and receive another one of her gifts. Sarah prodded at him for months to tell him the clue – or even just what the present inside the box was – but he refused.

Come December, Alex was in California with Sarah and her family. He gave Sarah the cryptex box and a clue: “Player One Ready”. She recalled a video games book called “Ready Player One” and tried out different characters and plot twists as the password without success. A few days later in Las Vegas, after a family dinner, Alex gave her the second clue: “Player Two Press…” And with that, she got it. The password was “START”.

Before she opened the box, he asked her to take a walk with him. Down at the Bellagio’s fountain show, Sarah finally got to open the box.

She found a ring.

After the fountain show finished, he got down on his knee and asked the big question. Whether or not Sarah tackled him (Alex’s opinion) or wrapped him in a hug (Sarah), is up to debate. Their happiness? One might call it supernatural. 

Alex and Sarah will be getting married at the epic Newhall Mansion on April 7th, 2018

Of course, they couldn’t let their engagement pass without some photographs to document it. And that’s where we came in. The L.A.County Arboretum and Botanic Garden makes a beautiful back drop for engagement photos. I was amazed at all of the photo opportunities that could be captured. If you’re looking for an expert in engagement photography, we can help you. Contact us and see how we can preserve your big day.