June 29, 2017

1880 Union Hotel Wedding-Killingsworth Photography

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1880 Union Hotel Wedding

Calvin and Kim



wedding couple posing vintage sign


When Calvin and Kim met through a mutual friend eight years ago, both were in relationships with other people. Because Kim is a producer/director and Calvin is a cinematographer, the two began working on projects together. They became fast friends, but it was several years before both of them were single. When that happened, Calvin and Kim’s wild love story quickly began to develop.

Before the couple got engaged, Calvin’s proposal plans took several detours. Originally, he had planned to propose on Ponte Neuf, Paris’ oldest bridge, during a romantic trip, but Kim, not knowing Calvin’s plans, canceled on part of the trip when she got the opportunity to appear on a toy inventor television show.

Undeterred, Calvin readjusted his proposal plans, deciding he would take Kim on a picnic, bringing along his tripod. Then he would set-up the tripod in a beautiful vineyard, pretending he was going to take a photo but really setting up the camera to record his proposal. When Kim got hangry and insisted upon stopping to eat at a café instead, Calvin’s backup plan also fell through.

Instead of going through with his elaborate proposal plans, Calvin ended up proposing along a cobblestone street when the couple stopped to kiss. Kim accepted and then suggested he propose again the next day. Calvin agreed, and it became a fun game for the couple. Kim would give Calvin back the ring every morning, and he would find a fun way to propose each day. In total, he proposed nine times. The final proposal was exactly where he had first intended to propose, on Ponte Neuf.

The 1880 Union Hotel Wedding Venue

The bride and groom chose the 1880 Union Hotel for their May 28, 2017, wedding because it was a special place for them during their courtship. Kim walked down the ahttp://1880union.com/isle to “Storybook Love” from The Princess Bride. One of her friends from college, who is in the New Orleans Charles Hamric, played guitar during the ceremony. Right after the ceremony, the couple had a New Orleans-style marching band wedding parade around the 1880 block. The march included a 6-piece jazz band with the bride and groom strutting around with decorated umbrellas while the guests waved custom handkerchiefs. The band stayed for the celebration, playing through cocktail hour.

The wedding celebration also included throwing beads from the balcony above the dance floor before throwing the bouquet and garter. The sign-in area had photographs from the couple’s grandparents’ weddings. Another special was the mother-daughter dance to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. The couple called the reception “CK One,” and included a bottle of the perfume the spray-painted wine bottles.


A BIG thank you to all the vendors that helped make this day awesome!

1880 Union Hotel 

Wedding Coordinator: Aly Cokely / Tricia Dahlgren Events 

Renae’s Bouquet (Renae Brubaker)

Cake/Baker: Hopefully Enjoy Cupcakes

Elite Makeup Designs – Brittany Renae & supporting artist

Matrimony Pictures


1880 Union Hotel 

Darrell Mashia (A friend who got ordained just for them)




































bride and groom guest 1880 union hotel building






















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