June 11, 2017

Colton and Marisa’s Love Story-Killingsworth Photography

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Colton and Marisa’s Love Story-Killingsworth Photography

Westwood California | Private Residence Of Aunt Elaine Lass


Special Thanks, to all the vendors who took part in Colton and Marisa’s special day

Wedding Coordinator: Alison Lass (bride’s aunt)

Trevor Rappleye

Makeup: Taylor Green

Hairstylist: Roni Ryan

DJ: Manny Soto

Cake/Baker: Debbie Fischl

Caterer: Casablanca 

 Officiant: Celine Lass (bride’s aunt)

Maid Of Honor: Alex Fischl       The Best Man: Nathan Hurd

bride groom embracing park


Colton and Marisa’s love story is one everyone hopes for. It is filled with love, fun, and romance.

The pair first met when a mutual friend invited them to the beach, almost 7 years ago to the day, on June 5th, 2010. After the perfect summer beach day, they could not get enough of each other, and so Marisa invited Colton to grill burgers and watch movies at the house she was house-sitting for her aunt. Marisa knew Colton was the one for her when he made a dish with blue cheese that she actually enjoyed, a delicious blue cheese burger. Colton knew he was love-struck when Marisa endearingly said the clouds were “bitchin” on the way to the beach.

Popping The Big Question

Their proposal was just as special. It was overlooking the beautiful LA sunset, two days before we were leaving for Kauai Hawaii to celebrate their graduation. Cole suggested going to the Topanga Cyn lookout and watching one last LA sunset before seeing the sunsets in Hawaii. After picking up their dog Luke, they headed to their favorite place.

Upon arriving, they realized it was flooded with similarly in love couples and teenage lovebirds. They walked until they found the perfect spot, a secluded bench with a beautiful view of the orange and pink hues in the horizon. As Marisa sat down, Colton got down on one knee and pulled out a little black box. Marisa could not contain her deep happiness as her eyes were immediately flooded with tears. She didn’t even see the ring but that didn’t matter to her because she knew, he was the one she wanted to commit herself to for a lifetime of happiness.

In The Hills Of Westwood

Colton and Marisa’s big day was the perfect symbolism of their relationship. The day was bright, full of love, family and friends, and happiness. It was intimate and sentimental as family and friends were deeply involved. Marisa wore her great-great-grandmother’s necklace, her adoring purple dress was handmade by a family friend, and the love birds were married by Marisa’s Aunt Celine Lass.


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