April 28, 2017

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens Engagement-Killingsworth Photography

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A Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens-Claremont Village Engagement

Bridget & Chad

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Chad and Bridget’s Botanic Garden Engagement Story

Chad and Bridget’s story began years ago as an innocent preteen, hair-pulling and gentle-teasing classmate relationship back in junior high school. Their paths would end up crossing again in their 20’s and continue for many years through occasional contact via social media. It wasn’t until 3 years ago, when Bridget announced on Facebook that she was moving to Downtown LA for a new job. Their connection would turn out to be a lasting one. As it turns out, Chad was also working in Downtown LA and invited her to meet up to catch up on old times. They continued dating from that point, and by 2014, the former 7th grade classmates made their relationship official.

The Big Birthday Surprise

Bridget got the birthday surprise of her life last November when Chad orchestrated an elaborate “trick” to compose a picture-perfect wedding proposal. He even got his 9-year-old son, Zion in on the plan. Bridget was getting all dressed up with a fancy makeover for her big birthday date with Chad, when the group faked a last-minute band recital for Zion at the Claremont Colleges’ Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens.

Waiting until her makeover was complete, Bridget went to the botanic gardens to attend the recital. Chad, also dressed up, greeted Bridget and led her to the gazebo with a fountain in the center, some lit candles, flowers, and a poster board that read “The Final Piece to our Puzzle” surrounded by photos of her, Chad, and Zion over the years.

Bridget playfully recalls “Fortunately, I’m nearsighted, and from the distance, I thought it was something for the event, maybe kids were asked to bring photos of their families for display. When I got closer and realized that ALL of the photos were of us, Chad got down on one knee.” It was all photographed by a photographer ninja that was hiding in the bushes.

How did Bridget stumble upon Killingsworth Photography?

My father-in-law is an Uber driver. Lucky for me he met Bridget on a ride pick-up. My father-in-law, being the social butterfly that he is, started making small talk and discovered that Bridget was planning a wedding. He then tells her that he knows an awesome wedding photographer and gave her my contact information. Chad and Bridget looked at my work, and the rest is history! I am happy to say that this lovely couple hired me to be the photographer for their engagement session at Claremont Colleges’ Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens and Claremont Village. I also have the honor of being their wedding photographer on their big day in November.


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