April 2, 2017

Nico and Kathleen’s A Lovely Outdoor Engagement -Killingsworth Photography

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A Lovely Outdoor Engagement Session-Killingsworth Photography


Niko and Kathleen 

When two nurses fall in love

Niko and Kathleen met in nursing school their first semester.  During the course of their studies, there was a younger group of nursing students who would get together after class to de-stress over a few cocktails. Niko and Kathleen frequently found themselves joining the group and thats when the connection started to bloom.  They officially started dating after their graduation and the rest became history!

Niko would pop the big question in the high sierras under a beautiful waterfall surrounded by Kathleen’s family.  The site of the proposal was not just any ordinary waterfall, it’s the first place that Nico told Kathleen he loved her.  Kathleen’s family had been going to this location for camping trips, fishing, and relaxation ever since she was a baby.   However, this visit to the waterfall would be different.  As they stood next to the waterfall, Nico tricked her into taking a picture as they always did, but this time he got down on one knee and he pulled a ring out of his pocket.  He asked her to make him the happiest man in the world!

Nico and Kathleen will be saying “I DO” at McCormick’s Ranch on October 6th, 2017 in front of family and friends.

Placerita canyon and Mentryville made a perfect backdrop for Nico and Kathleen’s Personalities

Since Nico and Kathleen love the outdoors we chose to photograph their engagement session at Placerita Canyon Nature Center. After an hour  of shooting we headed back so they could change into their second wardrobe. However, there was a slight problem… Kathleen forgot her jeans! So me being the awesome nice photographer guy I am decided to make another day of it at Mentryville Park. Before meeting them for their second engagement session at Mentryville, I made sure I sent a text saying…Don’t forget your jeans!  It as now become a running joke between the three of us. I plan on sending a text on her wedding day that reads, don’t forget your wedding dress! 🙂