March 29, 2017

Savannah Georgia Destination Wedding-Killingsworth Photography

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Savannah Georgia Destination Wedding-Killingsworth Photography

Vic’s on the  River, Savannah Georgia

January 28th, 2017

Tom and Amy

Wedding Cordinator: Kaci Mallat owner at XOXO Weddings in Los Angeles, CA

Hair and Make-up ArtistsBride’s Side Beauty-Artist: Alex Lee

Florist: Kato Floral Designs 

Cake/BakerSusie’s Cakes in Los Angeles

DJ/MC: First City Events

Joey Nunez

Tom and Amy 

The story of how a television animal trainer and a background painter for Nickelodeon met, fell in love, and eventual got married is a romantic one, like something you would find in a sweet romance novel. Tom, is an art graduate from Savannah, Georgia, and works as a background painter for Nickelodeon; Amy is a professional animal trainer for television show 

This is their wedding story.

Amy and Tom are both originally from the Chicago area, so during the 2013 holiday season, Tom and Amy were back in their old stomping grounds visiting family. It just so happened that some of their mutual friends had also come in for the holidays from Los Angeles. Joey Nunez, one of those mutual friends, was the reason behind their meeting, and eventually would be the one who would marry them.

After they returned back to Los Angeles in January of 2014, the two began dating. After almost two years since the first time they met, the time had come. Tom told Amy that he had tickets to a downtown show. No matter how many times Amy asked what kind of show he was taking her to, he would just smile and tell her it was a surprise. Before the “show,” they stopped by their favorite spot for some quick drinks.

Tom told Amy that he was going to use the restroom. As soon as Tom had gone, Victoria, the manager of the bar, who was also their mutual friend, slipped Amy a note addressed from Tom:

“Stop asking questions and follow Victoria.”

Victoria led Amy to a staircase that went all the way up to the roof. The roof was lined with flower petals and flickering tealight candles. Then Amy froze. Tom was standing there, the sun setting over the Los Angeles skyline. On one bent knee, Tom asked Amy if she would like to spend the rest of her life with him, as a professional photographer Tom had hired captured the entire moment. Of course she answered yes. And the rest is history.

There was no show after all, but it was perfectly fine by Amy. Tom had invited Amy’s brother and his girlfriend to celebrate their engagement at one of Amy’s favorite restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles. She didn’t need any show, for this was the best surprise of her entire life.

Off to Savannah Georgia!

Tom had suggested that they have their wedding in Savannah, Georgia. He described it as a lovely, quaint place to have a dreamy wedding. Amy had never been there, but had heard it was a beautiful place, so she said why not. Tom and Amy ceremony and reception was held at Vic’s on the river which is a 19th-century warehouse restaurant that features classic Southern cooking. The historic building over looks the Savannah river and the Talmadge Memorial Bridge. The building was designed and built by the famous New York architect, John Norris. 

Amy decided to purchase a Kenneth Winston wedding gown #1653 that she saw in a magazine, but tracking one down was proving difficult and time consuming. She finally found one on the rack at the exclusive Panache Bridal in Costa Mesa, California. 



Kaci, her wedding planner, bought their wedding cake from Susie’s Cakes located at 11708, San Vicente Boulevard, in Los Angeles, California. The hilarious thing is, Kaci brought the cake with her on the plane to Savannah, Georgia.


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